Starter Jackets - Fucked It Up For Everyone


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Limited Edition, slimer, snot green tape, made from the real slime collected by Ray Stantz from Peter Venkman's Ghostbusters suit...

Who you going to call....
Well, Starter Jackets, of course....

Springfield Illinois ‘Starter Jackets’ mix rad, super catchy punk rock with 80’s power pop synths.

This perfect soundtrack for every classic 80’s movie you’ve ever seen; it makes you want to get out your NES, raid your old VCR collection, dust off your old battered skateboard and bust a kick flip over your neighbour’s driveway.

Featuring members of Local Drags and The Copywrites, and Hospital Job, this really is a super rad release..

Free download with every order..

Official release is 25/12/2019 but orders will be likely shipped early.

1.Bad Application
2.Way Around It
3.Foreign Bodies
4.Dark Days

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Starter Jackets - Fucked It Up For Everyone

7-Inch (Preorder) version available through the rad dudes at (EU) (USA)